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Ovation Wellness

Health and Wellness Center located in Madison, MS





Ovation Wellness, serving men and women throughout Mississippi and surrounding states, specializes in health and wellness with a special emphasis on sexual and mental health. Ovation’s providers and staff focus on women and men in mid-life and the specific issues that they deal with; hormonal changes, sexual health, erectile dysfuction, bladder issues, vaginal health. 

Ovation Wellness is about helping you feel better. Our staff can answer authoritatively and confidently the sometimes difficult questions about hormone replacement therapy pellets, pelvic health, incontinence, sexuality, and weight. Of course, Ovation Wellness also provides annual gynecological exams including paps and breast health, counseling on contraception, screening exams and a full laboratory evaluation as needed.

Our medical directors are doctors Robert Harris, MD, and Steven Speights, MD, Mississippi’s first board-certified Urogynecologists. They both have over 40 years combined experience in caring for women. The doctors collaborate with our nurse practitioners to ensure that you receive the very the best care for your specific problems.

Don’t be among the over 55% of American women who fail even to seek treatment for your debilitating menopause symptoms. Call and make an appointment with Ovation Wellness today.

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