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Tips for Navigating a Winter Pregnancy

Tips for Navigating a Winter Pregnancy

Though there’s no best season for pregnancy, you may feel some relief with a winter pregnancy knowing you won’t have to deal with the hot temperatures and humidity of summer. But wintertime carries its own set of challenges for pregnant women. 

The team at Ovation Wellness in Madison, Mississippi, provides some tips on how you can have a healthy winter pregnancy. 

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Winter is a season filled with holidays and festivities focused on food. Though pregnancy increases your calorie needs, this doesn’t give you a free pass to overindulge in all the holiday goodies. 

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, you need about 340 extra calories during your second trimester and 450 extra calories during your third trimester. They recommend you spend those extra calories on whole grains, lean proteins, calcium-rich foods, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables. 

Drink water to stay hydrated

We may not have to deal with ice and snow in our part of Texas, but winter in Harlingen is a bit drier than summer. Though you may not be sweating away your fluids, the dry outdoor and indoor air increase fluid loss from your body.

Staying adequately hydrated ensures your baby gets all the blood and nutrients it needs to thrive. Aim for 10 cups of fluids a day. Though milk, tea, and juice all count towards your daily fluid intake, we recommend water be your go-to beverage for hydration. 

Add physical activity to your daily routine

Between the body aches and fatigue, you may put your usual exercise habits on hold during your winter pregnancy. But adding physical activity to your daily routine may improve your energy and your baby’s health, and it may help prevent delivery complications.

With the cooler weather, walking is a great form of activity for your winter pregnancy. Be sure to wear supportive shoes to prevent knee or hip pain. 

Get your flu shot

Winter is peak flu season. If you catch the flu during pregnancy, you may be at greater risk of developing severe symptoms that require hospitalization. Getting your flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your baby from the contagious virus.

No matter what seasons it is when you’re pregnant, early and ongoing prenatal care is the best way to keep you and your baby healthy. 

For expert care before, during, and after your winter pregnancy, call our office at 601-202-1340 today.

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