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Who We Are


Not Your Traditional OB/GYN

As women begin to age, their female medical needs transition from reproductive health to general and menopausal health and sexual wellness. While a traditional OB/GYN is trained and capable of treating menopausal and post-menopausal women, their core focus is with younger patients and obstetrics. Ovation was created as a focused medical practice addressing the specific health concerns of the mature women; menopause, sexual health, bladder and vaginal health, weight management, and wellness.

Focused Gynecological Care

From puberty to after menopause, a woman's body is constantly changing. With each stage, your care needs change and questions may arise, Ovation Women's Wellness is your focused, dedicated-to-women medical practice. Establishing and keeping a trusting, open partnership with your health care provider gives you the confidence and peace of mind you need in this special, yet sometimes difficult, time of life.

Annual Well Woman Care

  • Annual Wellness Exams (Pelvic Exam, PAP)
  • Uterine Health (evaluation for abnormal bleeding and referral for surgical treatments)
  • Vaginal Health (evaluation and treatment from infections to laser for atrophy and pain)
  • Breast Health (exam and Mammogram)
  • Bone Health (bone density testing)
  • Weight Management (medications, counseling, Ideal Protein Diet)
  • Menopause (full lab evaluation, menopause hormone therapies)

From routine well-woman examinations to management of certain gynecological issues, Ovation Women's Wellness has the expertise to provide each patient with the best care for her stage of her life.

Urogynecology Partnership

Experience and data show that once hormone levels stabilize, many menopausal women will find a restored desire for intimacy, but other barriers to this may exist including pelvic pain, vaginal laxity, and bladder or bowel control issues. Ovation has forged a partnership with Mississippi's first board-certified female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery specialists at Southeast Urogyn in Jackson, Mississippi. Southeast Urogyn offers patients a truly comprehensive approach to urogynecologic care and gynecologic surgery. They do as many minimally invasive surgeries as anyone in the southeast and are anxious to help our patients with any surgery needed. Over 95% of their surgeries are outpatient, including hysterectomies, so they will get you back to your normal activities in the shortest time possible.

Along with Menopause

Ovation Women's Wellness does a comprehensive evaluation of menopausal women to address the wide range of health, quality of life, and lifestyle issues that often accompany this life-changing time. These include hormone evaluation and therapy, sexual issues, weight management, bone loss, and overall well-being. Ovation providers will work with patients to ensure needed screenings occur within our preferred partnerships with the leading physicians in the area - from mammography and colonoscopies, to heart disease screening, osteoporosis screening and treatments, as well as annual lab tests and care. Our goal is to provide a greater scope of care for women coming to the practice for menopause or pelvic health. Ovation will offer a weight loss management program and nutritional counseling as well as sexual health issues. Our providers have extensive training and experience in all of the issues noted and are especially trained in advanced bio-identical menopause hormone therapies..

Supporting women, while respecting their time!

Understanding that many women put everything in front of their own needs, including their health, Ovation Women's Wellness is different than your OBGYN office. We do not have to leave the office to deliver babies and we listen to your specific complaints that may be very personal and specific to this time of your life. It's difficult to discuss sexual problems and bladder issues and the other things that accompany these, but here at Ovation, that's what we do. We want to help you to find time in your busy schedule to address your wellness, no matter your situation.