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Wellness Specialist

Ovation Wellness

Health and Wellness Center located in Madison, MS

Women are often very good at taking care of people around them, but don't always give themselves the care they deserve. Ovation Wellness in Madison, Mississippi is women helping women. The all-female staff can answer your questions and address your personal health needs, including weight loss, weight management, nutrition, and other women's health issues.


What kind of health issues can I ask about?

As women age, questions arise regarding menopause, bladder health, sexuality, and weight. Ovation Women's Wellness addresses all of these questions and more, in a caring and compassionate environment. Be frank and open with our staff to get real answers to the health issues that concern you.

How does a woman’s health expert help me?

A general practitioner is just that, general. A woman's specialist is more attuned to the needs and concerns women face. For example, heart attacks are more likely to cause death in a woman than a man. Women are also more susceptible to depression and anxiety. Sexually transmitted diseases often have greater effects on women's health, too. A women's specialist can also help you with the unique issues surround gynecologic health in a frank, understanding way.

Why am I gaining weight?

You may not be eating more and you may still hit the gym regularly, but the pounds are piling on. As you age, hormone changes alter the way your body stores fat. The staff at Ovation Women's Wellness can help you understand these changes and offer strategies to help you manage your weight.

How does weight loss help my overall health?

Weight loss improves health markers, such as blood pressure and cholesterol, and it can improve your bladder health. Ovation Women's Wellness can help you address those pounds that you've been battling for years.

Can you help me with my changing nutrition needs?

If you are happy with your body as it is, but find your energy waning or you are experiencing increased aches and pains, don't chalk it all up to aging. Nutrition counseling may help identify foods in your diet that can increase physical discomfort. Consult the knowledgeable staff at Ovation Women's Wellness today for help with dietary improvements.

What should be my top health concerns?

Ovation Women's Wellness can help you navigate the health issues that should be most important to you. While your priorities may depend on your age and health history, heart disease, cancer, reproductive health, and managing aging gracefully should be at the top of the list.